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2020-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice

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Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Emphasis: Criminal Justice

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is designed to address the educational needs of individuals who desire to enter or advance their career within the field of criminal justice.

This program is designed for the student who does not intend to transfer to a baccalaureate degree program.

Recommended Full-Time Schedule

The following Recommended Full-Time Schedule is not a substitute for academic advising. You must meet with an academic advisor each semester to be cleared for registration. Consult with your advisor about scheduling and degree requirements. Also, see the current undergraduate catalog (catalog.ws.edu) for a complete list of requirements and electives. Requirements are continually under revision, and there is no guarantee they will not be changed or revoked. Contact the academic division or department for current information.

Factors that affect your progression include required Learning Support courses, your choices regarding campus location, course delivery method, and the days and times selected to take classes.

1General Education electives in each category must be chosen from approved courses listed in the General Education Program .


 Learning Support co-requisite courses must be taken every semester until completed.


* Major Core Courses

** Common Course Library is also shared with AAS in Law Enforcement.

First Year

Fall Term (15-16 semester credit hours)

Spring Term (15 semester credit hours)

Second Year

Fall Term (15 semester credit hours)

    5 CRMJ Electives from Criminal Justice Major Core and Common Course Library (15 hrs.)

Spring Term (14-15 semester hours)

    5 CRMJ Electives from Criminal Justice Major Core and Common Course Library (14-15 hrs.)

Program Degree Requirements - A.A.S. Criminal Justice

General Education Requirements (15-16 Hours)

Humanities and/or Fine Arts (3 hours)

    Approved Humanities/Fine Arts Elective1

Behavioral/Social Sciences (3 hours)

    Approved Behavioral/Social Science Elective1

Mathematics (3 hrs) or Natural Science (4 hrs)

    Approved Mathematics General Education Elective1


    Approved Natural Science w/Lab Elective1

Total Credit Hours 60

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