Apr 06, 2020  
2018-2019 Catalog and Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EMSB 1402 - Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Technician I

4 credit(s)

EMT Medical Emergencies and EMS Operations is the one of two lecture courses designed to provide the student with the knowledge of an entry-level Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  This course includes the following topics: Emergency Medical Responder-National Educational Standards competencies, roles and responsibilities of the EMT, workforce safety, wellness, public health, communications, documentation, EMS operations, medical/legal/ethical considerations, fundamental anatomy and physiology, life span development, fundamental pathophysiology, patient assessment,  airway management, respiratory emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, acute diabetic emergencies, abdominal and gastrointestinal emergencies, urologic emergencies, anaphylactic reactions, and behavioral emergencies.  The outcomes presented in EMSB 1401, EMSB 1402, and EMSB 1403 may be taught in a coterminous format or in a two-semester format. 

Prerequisite(s): EMSB 1401, Completion of all Learning Support competencies in Reading, Writing, and Math or permission of instructor. Corequisite(s): EMSB 1401, EMSB 1403, EMSB 1101, EMSB 1111, EMSB 1102, EMSB 1112. F, S. (NIT)

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