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Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

03:14:00 Course Syllabus

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Revision Responsibility: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Academic Affairs


To establish required content and formatting of course syllabi.


I. Syllabus Framework

The course syllabus is a basic document used by students, faculty and administration when seeking specific course information. For this reason, the importance of a syllabus cannot be understated. The syllabus publicizes instructor availability to students. For students, adjunct faculty, TBR staff, and accreditation teams, the syllabus forms a recognized record of what is conveyed in a course. Access to a copy of the syllabus is provided to each student by the instructor.
TBR requires compliance with the mandate to standardize general education course syllabi, therefore syllabi for approved general education course must include the adopted list of objectives and competencies required for successful completion.

A copy of each syllabus is submitted electronically by the instructor, to the academic dean, or the dean’s designee, one week prior to the first day of class. The academic dean will review each syllabus and verify the inclusion of course outcomes and adherence to the approved syllabus format. The academic dean submits an electronic copy of all division syllabi to the Office of Academic Affairs.

The following is a copy of the approved syllabus format and instructors should adhere to it when developing courses.

Course Name and Number  
Semester and Year  
Instructor Name, Office, Phone, E-mail, FAX, Office Hours, Secretary Phone  
When a section is taught by adjunct: Include course supervisor contact information Adjunct will be instructed as to the contact information for each syllabus.  
Required Text, Supplementary, Or Optional Materials  
Optional: Suggested apps for this course (list the apps and their platform)  
Catalog Course Description  
Course Outcomes  
General Education Course Designation  
Instructional and Evaluation Methods:
Testing Procedures
Grading Scale
Class Participation
Drop Deadline
Course Ground Rules (see below)  
WSCC Catalog Notification Statement  
Alternate Teaching Plan  
ONLINE/WEB-ENHANCED COURSE COMPONENTS Will be included on on-line courses as necessary  
Virtual Office Hours  
Library Information  
Technical Support  
Web Addresses/Resources  
Guidelines for Communication: E-Mail Discussion, Chat  

II. Course Ground Rules

All students attending Walters State Community College, regardless of the time, location, or format of the class, must abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the current Walters State Catalog/Student Handbook and the current Walters State Timetable of Classes. The Catalog/Student Handbook and the Timetable of Classes are the WSCC website.

Students must attend the first day of on-ground class or contact the instructor prior to the first class. Failure to do this may result in being dropped from the class. Excessive absences may substantially lower the course grade.

Students enrolled in web courses must follow the course attendance policy defined for online attendance during the first week of class and throughout the term. Failure to do this may result in being dropped from the class during week one OR may result in the accrual of absences which may negatively impact the student’s grade in the course.

Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. The minimum penalty for cheating is a “0” (zero) on the examination or assignment. Academic dishonesty may result in an “F” for the course. Additional information can be found in the WSCC Catalog/Student Handbook on the WSCC website.

Students with disabilities must register with Student Support Services each semester in the Student Services Building, Room U134 (phone 423-585-6892) if they need any special facilities, services, or consideration.

Students in need of tutoring assistance are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Tutoring located as follows:

  • Morristown Campus - Student Services Building Room L107 - (423) 585-6920
  • Greeneville Campus - Room 420 - (423) 798-7982
  • Sevierville Campus - Marshall-Maples Hall Room 118 - (865) 286-2787
  • Claiborne Campus - Room 123A (423) 851-4761

Specific tutoring assistance in mathematics and writing is available online and in-person as follows:

  • Morristown Campus - English Learning Lab - HUM 120 - (423) 585-6970
  • Morristown Campus - Mathematics Lab - MBSS 222 - (423) 585-6872

Students who need assistance with computing and technology issues should contact the IET Helpdesk by phone at Morristown: 423-318-2742 Greeneville: 423-798-8186 or Sevierville: 865-286-2789 or on-line via the WSCC website.

Students receiving any type of financial aid or scholarship should contact the Financial Aid Office before making any changes to their schedule. Schedule changes without prior approval may result in loss of award for the current term and future terms.

Students who have not paid fees on time and/or are not correctly registered for this class and whose names do not appear on official class rolls generated by the Walters State student information system will not be allowed to remain in class or receive credit for this course.

Electronic devices must not disrupt the instructional process or college-sponsored academic activity. Use of electronic devices is prohibited unless use of the device is relevant to the activity and use is sanctioned by the faculty member in charge. Electronic devices that are not relevant to the activity or sanctioned by the faculty member in charge should be set so that they will not produce an audible sound during classroom instruction or other college-sponsored academic activity.

For information related to the cancellation of classes due to inclement weather, please check the college’s website, the college’s Facebook and Twitter pages, the Senators Emergency Text system or call the college’s student information line, 1-800-225-4770, option 1; InfoConnect, the Sevier County Campus, (865) 774-5800, option 7; or the Greeneville/Greene County Campus (423) 798-7940, option 7; or the Claiborne County Campus, 423-626-6200, option 7. Also, please monitor local TV and radio stations for weather-related announcements.

Dual Enrollment students attending on a high school campus should refer to the high school inclement weather cancellations.

III. Academic Continuity

When a natural or man-made event or disaster interrupts the scheduled operations of the college, and the ability to proceed with the academic course activities as planned, the college and your instructor maintain the right to alter the course plan outlined in this syllabus. Should an event occur students should refer to the guidance from their instructor for academic continuance in e-Learn daily. Additionally, students should monitor official college channels of communication: The college’s web site www.ws.edu; the college’s Facebook and Twitter accounts; the Senators Emergency Text system or the student information line, 1-800-225-4770, option 1.

Regular class attendance is a student’s obligation for any course regardless of format. (See the Walters State Catalog/Student Handbook) If a student misses class, it is his or her responsibility to contact the instructor regarding missed assignments and/or activities and to be prepared for the next class assignment.

All forms of student Financial Aid may be jeopardized or lost due to the lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress in one or multiple courses. Lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress may negatively impact a student’s degree/certificate completion pace and further jeopardize Financial Aid eligibility.

The last day to withdraw from class is: ____________________________. 8/14; 05/16

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