Aug 13, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

Section 11 College Advisory Councils and Committees


11:00:01 General Policy on Committees  

Academic Affairs Committee  

Academic Calendar Committee  

Academic Mobile Learning Subcommittee  

Student Success Committee  

Admissions and Academic Re-Admissions Committee  

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Planning Committee  

Athletic Committee  

Board of Advisors for the Great Smoky Mountains Expo Center  

Campus Peer Evaluation Committee  

Community Program Advisory Committee  

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Advisory Committee  

Curriculum Subcommittee   

Data Standards Committee  

Distance Education Fee Committee  

Diversity Committee  

Environmental, Health and Safety Committee  

Executive Council  

Faculty Council  

Faculty Development Committee  

Faculty Promotion Appeals Committee  

Faculty Promotion Review Committee  

Financial Aid Appeals Committee  

General Education Committee  

General Policies for College Committees  

Information Protection Committee  

Information Technology Advisory Committee  

Institutional Review Board  

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee  

International Fee Oversight Committee  

K-12 Collaborative Committee  

Library Subcommittee  

Lottery Scholarship Appeals Committee  

Mid-East Tennessee Regional P-16 Council  

Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee  

Smoky Mountains Area WIOA Consortium of Local Elected Officials  

Smoky Mountains Area WIOA Workforce Board  

Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Council  

Student Affairs Committee  

Student Discipline Committee  

Student Government Association  

Student Technology Support Services Committee  

Support Staff Council  

Teaching/Learning Technology Subcommittee  

Technology Planning, Oversight and Access Fee Committee  

Threat Assessment Team Committee  

Veterans Affairs Committee  

Walters State Alumni Association  

Walters State Alumni Council  

Walters State Community College Foundation  

Walters State Sevier County Development Council  

Website Committee