May 26, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:11:00 Commercial/Vendor Advertising on the College’s Electronic Message Boards

Revision Responsibility: Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Vice President for Business Affairs


To establish guidelines for use of electronic message boards.


All information to be placed on any Walters State Community electronic message boards is subject to the approval of the appropriate college designee as appointed by the president. Understood is the fact that no advertisement of alcohol or tobacco products shall be allowed. Advertisements which are deemed to be inappropriate or inconsistent with the mission or purpose of Walters State shall not be approved. For the purpose of this policy, the vice president for communications and marketing is hereby appointed to make decisions relative to appropriateness and approval of the message board. The vice president for Business Affairs is appointed as the alternate approving authority for purpose of this policy. Below is the rate structure:

$ 50.00 per week/per message
$ 200.00 per month/per message
$ 2,000.00 per year/per message

Payment shall be made in advance unless previous arrangements are confirmed in writing have been made and approved by the vice president for Business Affairs. 6/05; 01/16