May 26, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:09:00 Communications and Marketing

Revision Responsibility: Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Communications and Marketing


To establish guidelines for communications and marketing particularly with respect to external constituencies.


I. Scope

The Office of Communications and Marketing serves the college in the areas of internal and external information dissemination, print and broadcast media relations, advertising, website content management, social media, community relations, publications, and other substantial representations of the college in support of institutional brand maintenance and enhancement.

All information pertaining to college activities for release to the general public through print, broadcast and on-line media must be coordinated by the Office of Communications and Marketing. In addition, special print and audiovisual communications for dissemination to specific internal and external publics should be coordinated by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

II. Publicity, Press Releases, and Media Relations

Communications and Marketing serves regional media and the publics that look to those outlets for current, accurate, and relevant information. The media have been requested not to consider as official any information regarding programs, staff, or activities at Walters State provided by anyone other than the president or his or her designee or the communications and marketing officer. Faculty and staff who are contacted directly by media representatives must inform the Office of Communications and Marketing immediately.

Faculty and administrative staff interested in news media coverage of particular events are asked to submit publicity requests at least two weeks in advance. Communications and Marketing staff will write a press release based on the information submitted and, if necessary, follow-up meetings. Press releases are disseminated to media outlets and publicized internally through various media as appropriate and as determined by Communications and Marketing. Communications and Marketing staff adhere to the guidelines of the Associated Press Stylebook when writing press releases and Public Service Announcements.

III. Publications

All printed matter designed for distribution off campus (except for an individual constituency such as Foundation trustees, program advisory committees, professional colleagues, etc.) is subject to review by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Tennessee state law requires certain quality and cost monitoring procedures that relate to publications (Tennessee Code Annotated Section 12-7-104-106). The rules and regulations formulated by the Higher Education Publications Committee govern the preparation of all Walters State publications whether produced by the WSCC Printing Services Department, external vendors or through desktop publishing.

A number is assigned to all WSCC publications by Printing Services indicating the institution responsible, document control number, account charged, and date of origination or last revision. Communications and Marketing will affix the number to the publication. A non-discrimination disclaimer, Tennessee Board of Regents and SACSCOC statements are also printed on all appropriate external publications.

The following procedures should be followed when requesting publications services:

  1. Fill out a Print Order form (include description of job being requested on this form) and submit to Printing Services. Printing Services will forward all printing requests that involve publications intended for internal and external public dissemination to the Office of Communications and Marketing for a quality-and graphic-standards review. If design or layout services are needed prior to printing, a meeting with the graphic designer in Communications and Marketing should be scheduled following submission of the Print Order form. Prior to a meeting to discuss design or layout services, consider the quantity, audience, paper, color, and photographs for the publication.
  2. Please allow a two-week turnaround period (or longer for more extensive projects) for design and layout services. Customer changes can increase the turnaround time. However, the Office of Communications and Marketing will make every effort to complete projects in a timely manner.
  3. A division dean or vice president must approve the publication prior to printing. Photographic services in support of publications are available through the Office of Communications and Marketing and the expense of such services is borne by the Communications and Marketing budget. Determination of the appropriateness of any photo assignment or of the suitability for public distribution of resulting photographs will be at the discretion of the Office of Communications and Marketing.

IV. Walters State Graphic and Visual Elements (Logo/Trademark/Seal)

Walters State’s logo, trademark, and seal are visual marks representing the institution. These elements are to be used only for documents and products produced by or with the stated permission and approval by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Outside vendors should secure permission before producing materials incorporating these visual elements. The college’s logo, trademark, and seal should not be altered visually, changed proportionally or paired with unapproved images.

V. Business Correspondence and Materials

A standard design has been created for Walters State letterhead, envelopes, memoranda, business cards, fax covers, and other materials. All printing requests for Walters State business materials should be submitted to Printing Services.

VI. Marketing

Marketing for the college as a whole as well as for any college program, service or activity is coordinated by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Communications and Marketing develops and implements an integrated marketing campaign for the college, which includes creating and placing advertising for television, billboards, radio, newspaper, web sites, social media, and other media outlets.

VII. WSCC Website

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for the content, design, navigation, and structure of the Walters State website. Walters State web pages that are open to the general public are subject to approval by Communications and Marketing, including web pages in which permissions have been granted to faculty or staff to manage content on certain web pages. Web updates or changes should be submitted via email to the Director of Website Design and Front-end Development. Include in the request the corresponding URL(s). Please allow a two-week turnaround time for content change requests. More time may be required depending on the size and scope of the changes. The Director of Website Design and Front-end Development will monitor the website for outdated information; however, it is the responsibility of individual departments and offices to ensure that the information on their pages is current. See also Policy 08:09:01 Web Site Policy and Guide  for more detailed information concerning the WSCC website content, design, navigation and structure.

VIII. Social Media/The Daily Bulletin

The Office of Communications and Marketing maintains the official Walters State social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Daily Bulletin sites. The Office of College Advancement maintains the official Facebook account for alumni. E-mail information for the college’s social media and Daily Bulletin to the Associate Director for Communications and Marketing. E-mail information for the alumni page to the Coordinator of Alumni Affairs.

IX. Social Network Sites for College-Affiliated Groups

Groups wishing to have their own official social media account must first seek approval from their respective dean or vice president prior to submitting a request to the Office of Communications and Marketing. All group Facebook pages will be listed on the official college Facebook page as a “favorite.” Twitter accounts will be followed by the official Walters State Twitter account.

X. Faculty and/or Staff Administrators

All social media accounts officially recognized by Walters State must have a faculty or staff member as an administrator at all times. Should the designated advisor leave the college for any reason or no longer wishes to be an account administrator, it is that person’s responsibility to designate a replacement and inform Communications and Marketing of this change. This includes summer months.

XI. Photography

Photography services, including pictures for press releases, publications, and the college’s website, are coordinated by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Appropriate photographic services in support of other college functions, including academic programs, will be coordinated by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Expenses for these services will be borne by the appropriate administrative office or requesting party.

Photographic services in support of campus organizations must be secured by the organization. Guidance in obtaining these services is available through the Office of Communications and Marketing. The expense of all such services or for any personal-use photographs will be borne by the requesting party and arrangement will be made directly between the requesting party and the private photographer.

A signed Talent Release Form authorizing permission for the college to use photographs of students that are included in materials distributed externally or on the web site should be completed and retained for documentation purposes. 10/97; 08/04; 09/06; 10/12; 01/15; 05/16