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Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:04:00 Copyrighted and AV Software

Revision Responsibility: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Academic Affairs


To establish criteria for use of copyrighted materials and audiovisual software.


I. Scope

It is the intent of the Library to fully comply with 17 United States Code Annotated 101 et seq, Tennessee state laws, policies of the Tennessee Board of Regents and Walters State guidelines concerning copyright law and audiovisual software. The policies deal primarily with videotapes because they are the most frequently used type of audiovisual material.

II. General Guidelines

  1. The director of Library Services is designated as the individual in the library responsible for copyright issues.
  2. Library equipment and software may not be used to violate copyright laws.
  3. It is the responsibility of the instructor to specify any special uses that he plans to make of the AV materials, such as duplicating copies, so that these rights can be negotiated prior to the purchase of the materials.
  4. All requests for purchases of AV materials must go through the Library.
  5. All AV software and particularly videotape instructional programs purchased with institutional funds are to be catalogued using the Library of Congress system and included in the electronic public access catalog.
  6. Off-air recording will be limited to programs where a license or permission to videotape can be obtained in writing from the copyright holder. No program available for rental or purchase will be copied off-air. All requests must in writing.
  7. All requests for duplication of audiotapes must go through the director of the Library or his designee. Twenty-four hour notice is required and request must be in writing. All copyright problems will be worked out with individual companies prior to the purchase of materials.
  8. Videotapes will only be purchased from companies authorized to license public performance viewing of videotapes in a classroom setting. No home video licensed videotapes will be purchased.

III. Office of Information and Educational Technologies (IET) AV Guidelines

  1. Institutionally owned audio and visual media may be used via the required delivery system, unless prohibited by the copyright holder.
  2. Instructor or student produced programs may be used via the required delivery system as long as they do not include copyright materials.
  3. Rented or personally owned media cannot be utilized.
  4. Instructors may take institutionally owned audio and visual media to other campus locations providing the media is not being used by other instructors, and the proper checkout procedures are initiated.

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