May 26, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:03:00 Printing Services

Revision Responsibility: Vice President for Business Affairs, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs, Vice President for Communications and Marketing


To establish guidelines for printing and publishing institutional materials.


I. Scope

TBR Guideline G-140 is adopted as if written at length to this policy.
All requests for printing must be accompanied by an online Printing Services Request form (PSR). The initiator of the printing request will have the responsibility for ensuring that sufficient and appropriate funds are available to cover the costs. All printing should be completed on campus through the Printing Services Department; any exceptions must be approved by the coordinator of Printing Services.

II. Academic Support Printing Services

Instructional materials (handouts, tests, etc.) are to be completed on a “first come, first served” basis. Classroom handouts are printed front to back, and tests/exams are printed on single sheets (fronts only) unless otherwise indicated in the “Other Information” section of the Printing Services Work Order form. All test/exam materials are to be delivered to Printing Services by Walters State staff only (e.g., secretaries, faculty, etc.). By signature on the Printing Services Work Order form, the dean will ensure that copyrighted materials are being used in accordance with the guidelines in 08:03:01 .

III. Administrative Support Printing Services

Approximately five to ten working days are necessary for repeat orders of business forms, letterhead, envelopes, etc. Jobs that require typesetting and design will be sent to the Office of Communications and Marketing for preparation and should be given approximately two weeks for completion. Such jobs must be approved by the coordinator of Printing Services.

IV. Publications

Tennessee state law requires certain quality and cost monitoring procedures that relate to publications (Tennessee Code Annotated Section 12-7-104-105). TBR Guidline G-140 shall govern the preparation of all Walters State publications whether produced by the WSCC Printing Services Department, external vendors or office desk-top publishing equipment. A number will be assigned to all publications indicating the institution responsible, document control number, the account charged, the date of origination or last revision, and the Wlaters State logo. All external publications will contain the non-discrimination policy, the Walters State logo and the logo for Tennessee Community Colleges.

All printed materials designed for distribution off campus (except for distribution to specific individual constituencies such as Foundation trustees, program advisory committees, professional colleagues, etc.) is subject to review by the vice president for Communications and Marketing for ensuring the consistency and quality of the institutional image and content in print.

All new and revised publications must be approved and authorized by the proper authorities as indicated on the Printing Services Work Order form including the purpose of and the distribution for the document.

Any publication printed at facilities not operated by the state or higher education institution must include the printer’s name, address, and the number of copies printed. 9/06;1/15; 05/16