May 26, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:02:00 Facilities Management Services

Revision Responsibility: Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs


To establish procedures for assistance from Facilities Management for any institutional services required for the environmental health, safety and aesthetics of the institution


Walters State Community College is dedicated to providing and maintaining high quality physical facilities for all of its campus locations that support the overall vision of the college. The Facilities Management Department provides the following services: building maintenance, landscape and grounds maintenance, custodial services, shipping and receiving, motor pool management, courier services and facility master plan development.

Requests for Services
Faculty and staff may request the services of Facilities Management, which are not routine in nature, such as physical changes of facilities, special set-ups (banquets, meetings, etc.), moving/rearranging offices or classrooms, etc. To make a request for non-routine work, a Work Order Request form must be completed and forwarded to the appropriate offices for approval. A completed Transfer of Equipment form must accompany a Work Order Request when equipment or other materials are to be transferred from a functional area or transferred to surplus storage. Once the work order request is approved, the assistant vice president of Facilities Management will assign the work be completed on a timely basis relative to the overall priorities of the college. Work Order Request forms may be obtained from Facilities Management of the college’s sebsite. For minor maintenance tasks (e.g., light bulb replacement, heat/air adjustments, etc.), a work order request form can be submitted electronically since approval signatures are not required. 9/06; 05/16