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Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

07:04:00 Athletic and Other Student Group Travel Procedures

Revision Responsibility: Vice President for Business Affairs
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs


To provide guidance to WSCC employees for complying with TBR travel regulations as well as WSCC specific requirements when accompanying athletics/student groups traveling on behalf of the college.


General Provisions: No authorization for travel by any athletic team or other student group/organization shall be granted, and no reimbursement for travel expenses shall be made, except in accordance with these policies and procedures.

The limitations on travel expenses contained herein are maximum amounts above which reimbursement shall not be made. Sponsors/coaches are expected to be as conservative as possible in incurring travel expenses, and expenses may actually amount to less than the maximum limitations.

I. Authorization of Travel

All sponsors/coaches must obtain prior authorization for team travel by securing the written approval of the appropriate approving authority in accordance with WSCC Travel Policy 07:01:00  as it relates to in-state, out-of-state, and blanket travel. This authorization will entail completing the college’s Authorization for Official Travel form. Student group organization/team travel is construed to encompass sponsor/coaches, trainer, manager, bus driver, team members, and other personnel so designated by the president who are traveling in an official capacity with a student group organization /college athletic team. Travel expenses for these individuals are to be charged to the source of funds sponsoring the activity. Lodging arrangements for the bus driver will be made in conjunction with the team/student group lodging arrangements. Special regulations apply to the lodging for bus drivers (e.g., bus drivers are not permitted to share a room with any other member of the traveling party). Therefore, coaches/sponsors are expected to familiarize themselves with the regulations. Such information is available from the  Facilities Management Department, or the bus driver.

II. Transportation

  1. Transportation of student group organization/athletic teams should be by the most practical and economical means available. In most situations this would involve utilization of school vehicles. If using one of the Walters State buses the said student group/team will need to complete the Student Organization/Athletic Team Travel Itinerary along with the Travel Authorization and submit to Facilities Management.
  2. When travel by private automobile is appropriate, expenses incurred will be charged to each respective sponsor’s/coach’s travel budget.
    1. When a state-owned vehicle is not available, and economy or necessity requires travel by automobile, use of a personally owned automobile may be authorized. Sponsors/coaches must get prior approval from the vice president for Student Affairs and director of Athletics to use their personal automobile. When the use of a sponsor’s/coach’s personal vehicle is authorized, sponsors/coaches shall be reimbursed at the mileage rate in accordance with TBR policy.
    2. Reimbursement for mileage will be based upon the mileage as indicated on the directions from MapQuest web site from city to city by the most direct route. Vicinity mileage will be handled on an exception basis and must be supported by written justification/documentation to be approved by the vice president for Student Affairs and director of Athletics. Vicinity mileage must be itemized as a separate line item with a description of each travel destination and calculated using MapQuest and attached to the Claim for Traveling Expense when submitted.
  3. In some circumstances, chartered transportation may be necessary. Such arrangements will be made by the Purchasing Office.

III. Lodging

Sponsors/coaches will be expected to use the most practical and economical accommodations when housing students/athletes on overnight trips. They are expected to place at least two athletes/students per room. Maximum lodging expenses for sponsors/coaches and student group/team members will be the same as for state employees (TBR Policy 4:03:03:00). Lodging arrangements must be confirmed by the issuance of a requisition and approved purchase order. A purchase order can be taken to the vendor by the sponsor/coach at the time of travel, or a travel advance check may be issued to the respective sponsor/coach sufficient to cover lodging accommodations. In some situations, a college issued credit card may be used by the coach/sponsor to secure lodging. Appropriate invoices/receipts are required to document organization/team travel advances.

IV. Meals

While on authorized travel, actual meal expenses shall be in accordance with amounts identified below: The following time schedule for departure from and return to the school shall determine eligibility for reimbursement for meals when overnight travel is involved:

  Depart Before Return After Reimbursement
Breakfast 8:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. $ 6.00
Lunch 11:00 a.m. 1:30 p.m. $ 8.00
Dinner 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. $11.00

Many student/athletic contests do not involve overnight travel; consequently, when overnight travel is not involved, the travel student/squad will be entitled to pre-game/event and post-game/event meals as follows: $8.00 for pre-game/event meal; $10.00 for post-game/event meal. To be eligible for breakfast when overnight travel is not involved, a team must depart prior to 8 a.m. However, when teams travel late into the night to avoid lodging expenses and arrive on campus after 3 a.m., subsistence for a full day will be allowed.

V. Travel Advances

    Advances to sponsors/coaches for anticipated travel expenses will be made if the sponsors/coaches have:

  1. submitted the Authorization for Official Travel form within the time framework set forth by the college and secured the written approval of the vice president for Student Affairs, director of Athletics or appropriate vice president; and
  2. completed a requisition in SciQuest for purchase stating the number in the travel group/team, anticipated costs for each member, and a list of students/players traveling. This requisition must be approved by the vice president for Student Affairs and director of Athletics, the vice president for Business Affairs or his/her designee, and the president.

All employees/sponsors/coaches are required each year to sign and agree to a memorandum of understanding, located in the Business Office, authorizing payroll deduction for any portion of an unused/undocumented travel advance not remitted to the college.

VI. Receipts

Sponsors/Coaches have two alternatives for handling allocated funds for the travel student group/team meals. They can pay for the meal expenses for the entire student group /team or issue a fixed sum to each individual team member. If the sponsor/coach pays for the meal expenses for the entire student group /team, a receipt must be presented for the amount paid. If the sponsor/coach issues a fixed sum to each individual student group /team member, student group /team members will sign a Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Travel Money Allowance form, located in the Business Office, acknowledging receipt of funds. Any individual authorized in the travel party who receives meal money must sign the form as having received the money. No one can sign for the person receiving the money. Sponsors/Coaches are to turn in all receipts, forms, and excess funds to the Cashier’s Office as soon as practicable but within three (3)scheduled workdays after returning from a trip. The Sponsor/Coach may pick-up the check for meals, no sooner than three (3), days in advance of event.

VII. Claims

In the event sponsors/coaches do not get requisitions approved in the timeframe set forth by the college, and thus, do not receive travel advances, the standard form for claims for travel expenses shall be used by the sponsors/coaches for reimbursement of expenses. The form must provide a breakdown of expenses, be signed by the sponsor/coach, the vice president for Student Affairs and director of Athletics and the appropriate approving authority in accordance with WSCC Travel Policy 07:01:00, as it relates to in-state, out-of-state, and blanket travel prior to reimbursement. Appropriate receipts must be attached to the claim form. Claims should be submitted within 30 days of the travel.

VIII. Miscellaneous Expenses

  1. Personal Expenses
    Expenses for entertainment (employee or others), laundry, tips and gratuities, etc., are personal expenses and will not be reimbursed in excess of the incidental portion of the M& I rate.
  2. Telephone, Telegram and Fax Expenses
    Charges for long distance telephone calls, telegrams, internet connection, and/or fax for official student group/team or school business will be allowed provided a statement is furnished showing the date, the name and location called/accessed, and the purpose of the call/access. Charges for necessary local calls on official business will be allowed.
  3. Registration Fees
    Registration fees for student group/athletic events will be processed from a purchase requisition subject to the approval of the vice president for Student Affairs and director of Athletics and the vice president for Business Affairs or assistant director of Fixed Assets and Purchasing. Documentation (registration brochure, etc.) of registration fee should be attached to the requisition form.
  4. Other Miscellaneous Expenses
    Such as charges for baggage fees, airport parking fee, cab fare etc. Cab fare will be allowed if necessary for travel. After arrival at destination, necessary taxi fares traveling between hotels or lodging and meeting or conference will be allowed and no receipt is required for reasonable fares. Baggage fees will be allowed when necessary and a receipt is required for reimbursement. Maximum parking fees without receipt - $8.00 per day. Fees for handling of equipment or promotional materials - $20.00 per hotel. Receipts are not required for meals, taxi fares, tolls and ferry fees. Charges for Trip Insurance are not reimbursable. The State of Tennessee is self-insured and does not purchase separate insurance and therefore will not reimburse for insurance purchases made for trips.

Other Miscellaneous Team Expenses
Estimated amounts needed for miscellaneous student group/team expenses (e.g., food items, over the counter medications, first-aid, and other emergency need items, etc.) should be itemized on the requisition for meal allowances. Sponsors/coaches must maintain receipts for allowable purchases other than for meals if such purchases are authorized/approved by the supervisor of the sponsor/coach. Documentation/itemization, including receipts, must be made on the Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Meal Money Advance, located in the Business Office.

IX. Procedures for Processing Travel Advance Checks for Student Group/Athletic Team Travel

  1. Sponsor/coach is responsible for the completion of the Reconciliation of Organization/Team Meal Money Advance form. A student group/team roster will be attached to the form and attached to the requisition, when the requisition for student group/team travel advance is created. The roster should include all event/game information and the names of all student participant’s/team members, sponsors, coaches, and driver.
  2. The Budgeting & Business Services Office will complete the check information and departmental FOP when the check is printed.
  3. The sponsor/head coach or designee will pick up the check from the Budgeting & Business Services Office (CCEN).
  4. The Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Meal Money Advance form must be completed with all necessary signatures and itemized receipts and approved by the athletic director or assistant athletic director.
  5. If any funds are unspent, these funds should be taken to the Cashier’s Office (SSB U151) as soon as practical but within three (3) scheduled workdays after returning from a trip. A cashier will record the amount returned and write the associated receipt number on the Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Meal Money Advance form. The sponsor/coach will be given a receipt for the funds returned and a credit will be made to the FOP from which the funds were dispersed. The Cashier’s Office will forward a copy of the receipt for the funds returned, along with the approved Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Meal Money Advance form, to the Budgeting & Business Services Office.
  6. If no funds are to be re-deposited, the Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Meal Money Advance form will be returned directly to the Budgeting & Business Services Office (CCEN).
  7. The Budgeting & Business Services Office will review the Reconciliation of Student Group/Team Meal Money Advance for accuracy within 1 week of receipt, if applicable. If there are any questions, the sponsor/head coach will be contacted.

X. Recruiting

  1. Approval for Travel
    1. The following are subject to prior approval by the president or designee:
      1.  Travel authorization for scouting and recruiting; and
      2. The travel of visitors and guests at institutional expense for any occasion related to recruiting.
  2. Guest Meals
    1. The actual cost of guest’s meals may be claimed when incurred by a staff member for recruiting purposes.
    2. Such claims must be submitted in appropriate detail.
    3. Receipts are required.
  3. Student Recruits
    1. Staff members are responsible for compliance with NCAA, NCJAA and conference rules regarding student recruits.
    2. Lodging in campus facilities should be arranged if space is available. If campus space is not available, arrangements may be made for lodging in local motels/hotels, and with approval of the athletic director or designee may be charged to the athletic department.
    3. If available, the use of campus dining activities should be arranged and costs may be charged to the athletic department. If necessary, staff members will be reimbursed for off-campus meals, with reasonable and customary gratuities allowed. Receipts must accompany claims.
    4. Transportation may be arranged through a local travel service and charged to the athletic department with the approval of the director of Athletics or designee. Receipts must accompany claims. Automobile mileage may be reimbursed to a student recruit at the maximum rate allowed under TBR Policy No. 4:03:03:00 General Travel Policies and Procedures for the use of a Personal Vehicle. Mileage should be calculated using MapQuest and attached to the Claim for Traveling Expense when submitted.
    5. Entertainment expenses may be reimbursed at cost within NCAA, NCJAA and conference rules.

Special Notes:
When sponsors/coaches travel other than with a student group/athletic team, the General Travel Policies and Procedures, TBR Policy No. 4:03:03:00  and WSCC Policy 07:01:00 will prevail.

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