Feb 26, 2024  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

06:28:00 Employee Development and Professional Organizations

Revision Responsibility: Executive Director of Human Resources
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Business & Finance


To establish guidelines for participation in professional organizations for staff development.


Staff members are encouraged to continue to develop their skills and knowledge through participation in educational programs that are available on a formal and organized basis. Full-time employees are eligible to participate in a number of educational assistance programs. See WSCC Policy No. 06:06:00 . Staff members may also be considered for attendance at off-campus professional workshops. These must be work related and are considered on an individual basis depending upon institutional need and the availability of funds.

Professional Organizations
Staff members are encouraged to participate in professional organizations in accordance with their educational backgrounds, personal goals and present job responsibilities. 7/92; 9/06; 10/13; 05/16; 7/23