May 26, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:08:05 E-Mail Procedures

Revision Responsibility: Assistant Vice President of Information and Educational Technologies / CIO
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs


To provide procedures to be followed relative to the creation, distribution, management, use, and oversight of e-mail systems.


I. Scope

This policy applies to all faculty and staff who utilize a mobile device, owned by WSCC or the individual, to access the WSCC network, or to retrieve or store sensitive college information. Vendors, contractors, or other users who use mobile devices to access the WSCC network, or to retrieve or store sensitive college information may also be subject to this policy.

II. Systems Covered

This policy applies to any system that provides electronic messaging capabilities that require an account created and distributed by the college. The most prominent systems that this policy applies to are the campus e-mail system for employees, the e-Learn e-mail system for faculty and students, and Google “Gmail” e-mail for students.

III. General Procedures

All computers systems at WSCC are expected to be used for activities that support educational/business purposes that only benefit only the institution. This applies to e-mail messaging systems as well. All personal activities/correspondence should be restricted to non-WSCC e-mail accounts. E-mail messaging should utilize a professional format and tone and not include harassing or objectionable words, statements, or pictures. E-mail should not contain links to external websites or materials that one would find harassing or objectionable.

The use of e-mail on any system is governed by the policies of WSCC, TBR, and the state of Tennessee. All user and e-mail accounts are owned by the institution. The institution reserves the right to inspect, audit, archive, or review any system, account, or offline storage at any time without notification to the user. Additionally, the institution can restrict access to any system or account as necessary.

E-mail access for the campus e-mail system is provided only to current employees who are actively employed. Employees who terminate employment, take extended leave, or retire will have their account disabled restricting access to their account. Access to the employee’s account may be given to their supervisor or the supervisor’s designee, if requested. After a period of time the account will be deleted along with all e-mails. Returning retired, post-tenured, or rehired employees are not guaranteed to be given the same account username or e-mail address upon their return.

E-mail access to e-Learn for employees is governed by the need to teach classes and train faculty. Access to e-Learn e-mail for employees is regulated by the same procedures that manage their access to the campus e-mail system. Student access to Gmail and e-Learn is regulated by their computer system accounts. Students gain access to Gmail and e-Learn when the account is created and lose access when the account is deleted or restricted. Since students need access before and after classes begin these accounts are deleted or restricted based on the Account and Password Management policy (08.08.18).

Exemptions: Exemptions to this policy may only be made at the discretion of the President. 02/14; 09/17