May 26, 2022  
Policies and Procedures Manual 
Policies and Procedures Manual

08:08:00 Information and Educational Technologies (IET)

Revision Responsibility: Assistant Vice President of Information and Educational Technologies/CIO
Responsible Executive Officer: Vice President for Business Affairs


To establish procedures for accessing services of The Department of Information and Educational Technologies.


I. Services

The department of Information and Educational Technologies has the responsibility of providing a variety of computer, communication, video, and audiovisual services for its users within the college. While the scope of these services may be extensive, IET is primarily concerned with meeting the needs of users as they relate to computer-oriented systems, audiovisual media, instructional services, provision of telephone, and network services. The major types of services that are most often required include the following:

  1. Development of new systems and/or computing services.
  2. Modification and maintenance of existing systems and computing services.
  3. Respond to requests for special information from computing systems data stores.
  4. Respond to requests for development or presentation of audiovisual materials.
  5. Evaluation of cost requirements for proposed projects, hardware, and software.
  6. Consultation in areas related to information systems, procedures, and specialized computing facilities.
  7. Technical evaluation and installation of equipment and facilities for video classroom instruction.
  8. Setup of video and/or sound equipment for special college functions.
  9. Maintenance of the WSCC telephone system including links to remote campus locations.
  10. Maintenance of secure network and communications infrastructure to meet the growing technology demands.

II. Technical Service Request Procedure

To request the assistance of Information and Educational Technologies, a Technical Service Request ticket, (TSR) should be submitted to IET. When submitting a ticket, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. TSR can be sent via email, through the link on the Help Desk webpage, or by calling the Help Desk Call Center.
  2. Complete the TSR and provide a detailed and specific narrative of the problem or request and the expected result. Requests may be initiated due to factors external to the college or due to the user identifying needs that provide better operations within their individual departments. These should be quantified and included if possible.
  3. The User Services Supervisor reviews the TSR ticket and routes the ticket to the appropriate IET personnel.
  4. An email is generated to the requesting user with the status of the request. The assigned IET project leader is responsible for analyzing the request and developing a general solution to the request. Supplementary information, such as report layout, file design, equipment requirements and specifications, etc., is generated as necessary. The user will be contacted if additional information is needed to analyze the request.
  5. Scheduling priorities for a given request will be determined based on Information and Educational Technologies commitments to current projects. Staffing considerations with regard to the availability of personnel and to the level of expertise required to complete a particular request must also be considered.
  6. When the TSR ticket is resolved a notification is sent via email to the original user/customer.

Note: Instructions and a link to the TSR ticket request system are also available via the WSCC helpdesk web site.

III. Standards and Procedures

For additional guidance on Information and Educational Technology services available at Walters State, contact the Office of Information and Educational Technologies 8/04; 9/06; 02/14; 1/15; 05/16; 09/17